Not only Arabic Language Studies…..

souk_nizwaEven though I feel completely knackered, since preparing an Expedition takes an enormous amount of concentration, good manners, positive attitude, strong beliefs, little sleep, many worries, well, I am looking forward to going to Yemen more than anything else in life right now!

It is like a dream, finally being able to try to pick up Arabic and live in a very exotic, demanding and exiting environment like San’a. The reason I choose San’a before Cairo or Damascus was also due to the fact, not only do I wish to cross this slightly unstable country and need to check out its possibility, but learning Arabic and being a real traveller, is being kind of a Robert De Niro of exploration. You have to prepare yourself for the leading role by becoming an Arab. Which is another reason I believe Yemen is the best choice, since I have a feeling very few speak English here, so they´re forcing me to practise my Arabic, plus that it is in many ways, if I am to believe what I have read on the Internet and in books, conservative. Perfect to learn more about Arabian Etiquette, which is harder than any I have ever come across in other cultures. Whilst browsing the Net concerning Arabian Etiquette, I found this link regarding business Etiquette in Arabia.

I have already found out that a gym does exist in San’a, which mean I will have to train as well, 4 times a week. However, I wish I could go today! Please stay tuned through my visit to see how all goes and I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth!

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